Rock the Session: How to be a Master Coach in Your Field

When you love the work you do, it’s fantastic. But when you master in the craft, it’s even better. 

In this event Rock the Session: How to Be a Master Coach in Your Field, Founder & CEO of top life & performance coaching company VIVE, Nastasya Rose will cover the truth in being a true master in your work and living. In this 90-minute event, we’ll cover:

  • The 7 steps you should want to follow for mastery in the work you do
  • How to motivate & maintain motivation in your line of work 
  • The importance of our surroundings, and how this effects the motivation in ourselves 
  • How to shift your energy for the lifestyle changing mindset you desire


  • A breakthrough coaching session ON THE SPOT to a lucky attendee in the crowd.
  • Q & A and social banter at the end to address anything else on your mind! 

We truly look forward to seeing you in this beautiful event in the Philadelphia, PA area with the wonderful ITA Philly crew. 

Allow your happiness, success, and fulfillment, to mean everything to you. Attend. We’ll see you there. 

Be blessed, don’t be stressed, and enjoy your freedom, the VIVE team 

Interested in signing up for this FREE event at ITA Philly? Sign up HERE!

See you on Saturday, February 23rd!

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